Phase 5 Phonics Week 1 Day 1

Hello and welcome to the first day of this course. I hope you are feeling excited about taking this step to actively helping your child to progress in his or her reading in a way similar to how children would probably be taught by teachers. I have adapted this to how you can teach phonics at home using simple resources you may have and suggesting some that should be easy to obtain.

I hope you find this useful and that it will give you lots of ideas about what to teach, what to look out for, what activities and strategies you could use and that this will also give you extra confidence to teach your child because you now have a simple and step-by-step guide. Furthermore, I hope your child will enjoy sharing this time with you and progress in his or her reading.

This video is a guide for you to listen to and not for your child to use.

There is an overall plan at the end of this module for your personal use which will remind you of the sounds, words and sentences used. These are also in large print at the end of this document for you to download and print off to use as you are teaching your child instead of having to write these out yourself. This should all be more clear to you as you are listening to the video.

I wish you every success.

I hope that this guide has been helpful and you have enjoyed using some of the activities and strategies I suggested.

If so maybe you would like to continue tomorrow with the next sound.

Thank you

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