Welcome! I am so pleased you have found this course and thank you for enrolling.

A lot of what I have said in this introduction module will not directly help you teach your child but is background information which you may be interested in, if not please skip these bits and just have a look at what you think might be helpful. The sections have titles so it should be obvious what they are about. I know that some people are fascinated for example by history so I have given you this background information just in case you are.  

I have given you probably more information in all my videos than you need but it is easy to omit what you do not require by just using the slider at the bottom of any videos to go to the relevant sections. These should be very clear for you to see as my videos are in sections and you should find navigating around them simple to do. I know some people like to have a lot of information and if you are sharing the teaching with other people on different days you will see that I have repeated information so it is there on the entire day for the initial weeks. In the later stages I have assumed that you are familiar with most activities and have narrated what is new, if you need to listen to how to do these tasks again you can always go back to previous weeks.

You will see that I have used a PowerPoint with an owl which is listening and spelling/writing on the computer - the PowerPoint slide was a free downloadable resource from the internet which you may have seen before. I thought that as a result of learning to listen, read and spell this owl was the right model for course 3 although this course is about you interacting and assessing what your child can do and then going forward from there.

The beauty of this course is that it gives you the know-how, resources and confidence to customise your child's learning to what he or she needs as you do not have 30 or so children to cater to as you would have in a class, therefore the progress your child should make should be astounding.

I hope that you will enjoy using this course teaching your child and that you will see this progress.

Best wishes, Andrea

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