Games for s a t p

Here are some simple games to play.

You can use these resources to play:

  • Roll and Play - you will need a counter for each player and a die/ dice. Use a die or dice to roll, move along and say the initial sound or read the word)
  • Memory, Lotto, Pairs or Snap using the pictures and pairing them up with the words

It might be useful to look at the words before you play so that you know what words are meant for the different pictures.

For more phonics games please look in my TpT store - you can find this if you search for TpT + owlet learning + seller or

On the left-hand side, you will find some custom categories. You can find more phonics games if you click on Phonics,

Kindergarten and pre-K

or Homeschool.

There are lots of other games too e.g. for developing mathematical skills

Thank you and Enjoy!

Phonicsland game- satp.pdf
Phonicsland game challenge- satp.pdf
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