Why do this course?

There may be many reasons why you think it is important to help your child with his/her reading yourself .

You may be home schooling or want to give that extra support at home without having to constantly ask the class teacher.

Your child may not be reaching the expected level at school and you may wish to help them do so.

Your child may be new to English and you would like to give them that extra help to progress faster.

If your child is in Year 1 or 2 and still struggling with some early reading skills, which may compromise their academic success in other curriculum areas now and in the future, teaching for 15 minutes a day or so may make the difference between being a successful reader and your child struggling with this key important skill for a long time.

You will have more time to focus on the exact areas your child finds tricky than your child's teacher who will probably have 29 other children in her/his class. As a teacher we only have so many minutes to dedicate to each child individually on a specific skill each week.

Most teachers will welcome you going that extra mile to help your child succeed with their reading especially if you are using similar strategies they may be using too.

This video shows some of the reasons why you may wish to do this course so you can effectively help your child to progress in reading.

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